Hospital Management System

[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Hospital Management Information System is a complete Hospital/Medical Centre automation solution covering all of the processes Hospital may have including Patients Admissions & Discharge, Operation Theater Management, Pharmacy Sales & Stock Management, Laboratory & Tests Management, Doctors/Staff Management, Patient Accounts Management, Comprehensive Reporting options allowing to generate categorized income reports such as admissions, operations/procedures, pharmacy sales, laboratory income reports, high level executive revenue reports on daily, monthly and yearly basis.


Its build on popular Codeigniter framework version 3.0.

It includes different Modules such as Patients Admission module, Operation Theater Management Module, Pharmacy Module, Laboratory Module, Reports Module, Settings & Configuration Module, Users Management Module, Database Back-up & Restore Module. All these modules are very well documented and also it comes along with the development guide.

It Has almost all the reports that can be needed for the Hospital Managment.

Also Different Groups Have Been Provided. Every Group has its own responsibilities to manage.

Hospital Management System

Ultimate solution for any kind of :


  • Hospital
  • Diagnostic Center
  • Clinic
  • Nursing Home




  • Admin can manage full hospital.
  • Create, Edit & delete departments.
  • Create, Edit & delete doctor, patient, nurse, pharmacist, accountant, laboratorist.
  • Add, edit and delete bed & bed allotment.
  • Admin can manage financial activities.
  • Can generate date-to-date payment & expense category wise financial report.
  • Can create, edit & delete payment, expense & categories.
  • Can view the Financial Report.
  • Add, edit & delete medicine & medicine category.
  • Add, edit & delete donor.
  • Add, edit & delete report.
  • Admin can change Hospital Settings.
  • Can view and edit own profile.




  • Doctor can create, edit and delete patient.
  • Add, Edit & delete medicine.
  • Add, Edit & delete Donor.
  • Add, Edit & delete bed & bed allotments.
  • Add, Edit & delete bed categories.
  • Add, Edit & delete reports.
  • Can view own profile.
  • Can change password.




  • Patient can see own report.
  • Patient can see the blood bank.
  • Can manage own profile.




  • Pharmacist Can manage everything about medicine.
  • Create medicine.
  • Can edit or delete.
  • Can create medicine categories.
  • Can edit or delete them.
  • Can preview or edit own profile.




  • Accountant can manage the full financial activities.
  • Add payments.
  • Add expenses.
  • View Invoices.
  • Print Invoices.
  • Can generate date-to-date payment & expense category wise financial report.
  • Also can add, edit or delete patients.
  • Can manage own profile.




  • Laboratorist can manage the Patient, Donor and Report modules.
  • Create, edit and delete patients.
  • Create, edit and delete donors.
  • Create, edit and delete reports.
  • Can manage blood bank fully.




  • Nurse can manage the Patient, Bed & Donor module.
  • Create, edit and delete patients.
  • Create, edit and delete bed.
  • Create, edit and delete bed allotments.
  • Create, edit and delete bed categories.
  • Create, edit and delete donors.
  • Manage blood bank.
  • Create, edit & delete reports.


Financial Activities:

Through this application hospital’s financial activities can be managed.
Financial activities includes:

  • Patient wise Payments.
  • Invoice generation
  • Print Invoices.
  • Expenses.
  • Creating unlimited payment and expense categories.
  • Generating a very descriptive Date to Date financial report.
  • Hospital’s Daily, Monthly, Yearly and date to date income report.
  • Category wise Income and expense report.